The Edge-Vertical Type Steam Boiler


TYPE : Vertical tubeless, expanded 2 pass design. steam or hot water.
CAPACITY : 100-750 kg/hr.
BURNER : Top mounted. down fired power burner Features FGE (Flue Gas Enhancing) System Adjustatte air gate, gas or propane fired and combination fuel fired. Lowemissions burner optional.

Key Design Features

Vertical Tubeless Design.
Built to BBR Code.
Expanded Two Pass Design for maximum efficiency, while maintaining pressure vessel longevity e.
Top Mounted Burner.
Flue Gas Enhancing System.
Single Control Panel Box.
Small Footprint - Compact Design.
Fuel Efficient.
Qucik Steam Generated.
Entire Boiler is UL Listed.

Low Emissions Burner

An available option is Powertech New Low Emissions Burner. Our R&D Team has developed burners for each model to meet or exceed the most stringent emissions requirements. This option is available in PT boiler.

New Efficient Proven

For the most efficient vertical tubeless boiler, with some "cutting edge" features, get The Edge.